Follow up on the latest improvements and updates.


Enhanced Post-purchase EDD Feature
Our Post-purchase EDD functionality has been significantly upgraded. The improvements include:
  • Expanded configurability within the fulfillment workflow.
  • Advanced settings to customize EDD based on specific countries, regions, provinces, and states.
New Annual Subscription Plans
We've introduced a new annual subscription option that offers a 20% overall cost saving compared to our monthly plans. This new plan is designed to help our loyal customers better manage fluctuations in monthly order volumes and to provide an even better value proposition.
Rest assured, all users can continue with their current plans or switch to the new annual plan at any time.
Here is the help doc: ParcelPanel plans
Thank you for choosing ParcelPanel. We look forward to continuing to support your business with our improved services.
- Localized Product Recommendations
No action needed. Product names and prices in recommendations now automatically convert based on the store's language and currency for international customers.
- Multi-Shipment Order Tracking Optimization
When an order contains over three shipments, use the collapse/expand feature to view desired shipments, preventing a cluttered display.
- Detail Enhancements in Shipment details, Integrations, and Tailored for Shopify Features
Fine-tuned optimizations for details across Shipment details, Integrations, and Tailored for Shopify Features.
What's New:
We have made adjustments to the ParcelPanel plans structure. In addition to the existing monthly subscription, we have introduced usage charges for exceeding the subscribed quota. The details of the new plans are outlined in our updated documentation, which you can find here.
Why the Change:
The introduction of usage charges beyond the subscribed quota aims to provide more flexibility in response to fluctuations in order volumes. This allows you to manage your usage efficiently without being forced to upgrade to the next tier, ensuring a stable and branded tracking experience for your customers.
Adjusting Spending Limit for Usage Charges:
To further tailor the service to your needs, you can modify the spending limit for usage charges anytime. For guidance on how to make this adjustment, please refer to our help documentation.
We believe these changes will enhance your ParcelPanel experience and provide you with greater control over your tracking services.
Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.
- Dashboard Redesign
The Dashboard tab has been revamped to offer a more intuitive and user-friendly interface, providing clear guidance for new users and delivering value right from the start.
- Powerful Analytics
Introducing the all-new Analytics tab, enabling you to perform comprehensive, multi-dimensional analysis on Shipments, Transit time, Tracking page, and Shipping notifications. This data-driven approach empowers you to make informed decisions and optimize your shipping strategies.
- Expanded Integrations
We are excited to introduce an array of new Integrations, including highly anticipated ones such as PayPal, SMSBump, Shopify Email, and many other top-tier apps. These integrations enhance your ParcelPanel experience and offer seamless connectivity with other platforms.
Embed the order lookup widget on the Shopify store page
This update includes:
  • Multi-language and automatic language switching for the tracking page.
  • New email template editor.
  • Fixes for various minor issues.
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  • Optimization of the tracking page and Shopify theme integration.
  • New carriers supported: CDL, TIMISC, JUXI Express, and more…
  • Optimization of the Courier Matching algorithm logic.
This update includes:
  1. Data retrieval logic and performance optimization.
  2. Add corresponding quantity display for sub-filters.
  3. Add new filters: Fulfillment date, Order tag, and Residence time.
  4. Add functionalities: Add/remove order tags.
  5. Add new table columns: Fulfillment date, Destination, Customer name, Order tag, Last checkpoint time, and Residence time.
  6. Add new sorting options: Fulfillment date, Transit time, Residence time, Last checkpoint time
  7. ……
Support Super Parcel Track carrier
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